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Omgevingsvergunning aanvragen

Gemeente Smallingerland: Omgevingsvergunning aanvragen

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Do you want to know whether you need to submit a notification or if you need an environmental permit? You can run a permit check online at the Environmental portal

Permit check

A permit is not always necessary. For example, for things like a dormer roof, satellite dish or extension. For other refurbishment a permit is necessary. Do a permit check through the Environmental Portal(Online Environmental Portal - home page) or get in touch with the municipal offices.

Exploratory initiative or pre-consultation

Do you have complex plans? Do you have doubts about whether your plan meets the aesthetic requirements or fits within the development plan? Or do you want to change something about a monument? Submit your plan to the municipality. A request for an exploratory initiative(Exploratory initiative for physical habitats - Smallingerland) is free of charge. Do this before submitting your application for an environmental permit. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises during the permit application process. You will receive a reaction within 6 weeks. Your construction or refurbishing plans may also have an impact on other neighbouring residences. Inform your neighbours in good time.

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